How to Wear the New Denim Styles of 2022

I am coming to you this week with the most burning question of the season: “What shoes do I wear with different styles of jeans?” Now that many of us are branching out from the same pairs of skinny jeans we have been wearing for 15 years (yes, it’s been a 15 year run), there is a new dilemma. What shoes go with these foreign new cuts of denim? The nice thing about skinny jeans is we never had to worry about different lengths and width of hemlines. It was straightforward and everything worked. 

We are now in a new era. Not that you can’t wear your skinny jeans anymore. I want you to wear what makes you feel good! But, almost every other cut imaginable is actually in stock to purchase so you have a whole new world of options. Because there is such a variety of cuts to choose from, I am focusing on three to just get you started. Although, I do want you to wear what makes you feel like a million bucks, I also always encourage you to at least try new things. Repulsed by the look of a straight leg pant? That was the exact same reaction we had to skinny jeans when they came on the scene. Remember? Our eyes are just adjusting to a new silhouette and that takes some getting used to. 

Now, before I dive in, I have to be clear that these suggestions are general. Other things that I would factor into my 1:1 styling sessions are your height, your vibe/style and overall figure. Some variation of the below will compliment your proportions (the most important factor when dressing your body type) best. Consider these general guidelines. 

Straight Leg

The style is in the name. Usually made of non-stretch denim, the cut of straight leg jeans are wider than skinny jeans and are straight from hips to hem. They can range from wider silhouettes to slimmer options. I find this style to be a great match for a pointy (or pointy-ish) boot. You have lots of options depending on if the jeans are full-length or cropped. Adding a boot with a heel will keep those legs looking even longer and who doesn’t want that? 

Wide leg, relaxed 

This is the trickiest to pull off. Much to my mother’s dismay I am sure, I bought a lot of the oversized version of these jeans from Goodwill in middle school. I look at those pictures now and it’s horrendous. But the most flattering fix for this style is finding a relaxed wide leg jean that is slimmer through the hips and fits correctly at the waist. Finding a fit like this ensures you aren’t completely swimming in denim. The final piece is stepping into a pointy toed heel. With the ultra-wide leg opening on this style of jean, the pointed toe creates an elongated look which creates super flattering. Don’t believe me? Try the look with a sneaker (a rounded toe) and then try it with a pointed toe. Crazy what that small switch will do. You could also work in a heel with a narrow squared off toe for a similar effect. 

Crop flare 

Some of you are thinking “Angie, it’s about to be sub-zero weather where I live. I am not wearing anything cropped.” Fair. But for those who live in more mild climates, I have a great combo for you – cropped flare denim for fall’s most trending shoe, the loafer. This style is cut like a flared jean but with a shortened hemline. I find showing a little skin tends to lengthen the legline for trickier cuts like this. 

Let’s be honest. Heels will work with all and any of these styles because what’s more flattering than being several inches higher in some sassy heels? Not much. But that’s not realistic nor would it work for places like the Christmas tree farm. 

I know denim and shoe styling can be really challenging so I hope this has you stepping out in confidence this season. Let me know if you found this helpful!