Avoid These 5 Style Myths

Are you a rule follower? Someone who loves to live within the lines and sees things very black and white? If so, I am going to drop some truth bomb that might be hard to swallow. Let’s talk about five style myths you should avoid. Allow these myth busters to let you live with a little less concern over breaking fashion rules and, instead, enjoy the freedom of style. 



Style Myth #1: You can’t wear brown with black

Oh boy, diving into a highly controversial one straight out the gate. Here is why you CAN mix brown with black. They are both neutral colors. The beauty of neutral colors is they mix with all other colors as well as each other. The reason is in the name. So the absolute easiest colors to pair together are neutrals – white, cream, brown, tan, navy, gray, black etc. So start saying yes to your brown shoes with black pants and tan sweater with black skirt. This will be the easiest change to your styling routine.


Style Myth #2: You can’t wear white after Labor Day

Timely, right? Many people have since let this go and are embracing their white denim well into the winter months. But, if you are someone who still needs convincing, then keep reading. The key to wearing white (shoes, pants, denim) into the fall and winter months is mixing it with fall staples. This allows you to “warm up” the look. The white jeans you wore all summer with sandals and a tank top now works perfectly with tan booties and a cream sweater. Remember to mix your textures, too, for an added styling bonus. 



Style Myth #3: You can’t mix your metals

Silver and gold. Your main metals. But then there is rose gold and platinum. Alllll of these play well together. Your watch band is gold but you have a stack of silver bracelets you love. Pile them on together because, just like neutral colors, metals are neutrals, too. Did I just blow your mind? Hopefully not because we still have a few more style myths to bust. Be free with your jewelry mixing but don’t stop there. You can also mix a gold shoe with other silver accessories. It’s a wild world out there isn’t it?


Style Myth #4: You can’t wear stripes 

Phew, ladies have exhausted this one for years and years. “I can’t wear stripes” is the lament of the body-conscious. You absolutely can wear stripes. I don’t care what size the stripe is or what color but the notion that it draws a circle around you to make your body appear bigger is nonsense. And, actually, a strategically placed stripe around the narrowest part of your waist, will define a waistline. This is always what we want! My only word of caution is beware of striped tops for my bustier ladies. If the top doesn’t lay just right because of the fabric or cut, the stripes will actually be more crazy looking waves than a crisp, classic stripe.



Style Myth #5: Your accessories should match

The days of ensuring your green shoes are matched with a green belt and/or green bag has ended. Just like you can mix your metals, you can mix your accessories. You never want to be too matchy-matchy. If you have a red shoe then go for a neutral bag. If you have a brown waist belt, reach for a navy or patterned shoe. These accessories are the spice of your outfit. This is the exact place where you should inject some fun in your outfit and not follow the rules. 

So, which of these myths are you most excited to say bye-bye to forever?