How to Wear the New Denim Styles of 2022

I am coming to you this week with the most burning question of the season: “What shoes do I wear with different styles of jeans?” Now that many of us are branching out from the same pairs of skinny jeans we have been wearing for 15 years (yes, it’s been a 15 year run), there […]

Don’t Get Lost in the “Shoulds” of the Season

Do you catch yourself using the S word a lot? You know….should. I find it’s often put in a sentence begrudgingly or with guilt. “I should go to the gym” “I should eat healthier” “I should spend less time on social media” Certainly there are things we all should do regardless of how weighty it […]

How to Stop Impulse Buying

I see you. Cruising the aisles of Costco pushing a cart loaded with ground beef, assorted bath towels, a 5lb bag of trail mix and a 3 pack of Windex. As you huff and puff that heavy cart past the table of hoodies, you slow down. I mean, it is getting colder and you think […]

5 Unexpected Color Combinations for Fall

From time to time, I like to stand inside and stare into my closet. Similar to a king looking down to survey his kingdom (I would imagine). Contrary to popular belief, it’s not because I have a large closet or an impressive shoe collection. Personally, I like variety so I am stepping in to do […]

Avoid These 5 Style Myths

Are you a rule follower? Someone who loves to live within the lines and sees things very black and white? If so, I am going to drop some truth bomb that might be hard to swallow. Let’s talk about five style myths you should avoid. Allow these myth busters to let you live with a […]

Georgia Tech’s Female Founders Speakers Series

I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker for the Female Founders Initiative speaker series. This was organized by Venture Labs, part of Georgia Tech, and open to all women considering a startup. It was an incredible opportunity to share about my journey of becoming a female entrepreneur and insights I have learned along the way. I hope it was motivating and encouraging for the ladies that joined us virtually!