5 Unexpected Color Combinations for Fall

From time to time, I like to stand inside and stare into my closet. Similar to a king looking down to survey his kingdom (I would imagine). Contrary to popular belief, it’s not because I have a large closet or an impressive shoe collection. Personally, I like variety so I am stepping in to do a scan of the area for like items. My thoughts are more: do I have too many workout jackets or how’s the jean inventory looking or is everything getting lost in a sea of black? Certainly there are some colors and patterns I don’t collect but overall, I need variety. For me, I want to see a healthy mix of colors, items and patterns.

With the slight whiff in the air of fall approaching, I thought it would be good to get out ahead of your wardrobe which may be full of seasonal black and gray. Not that there’s anything wrong with those colors but it can be easy to get stuck in a black-only style rut in those cooler months. I also know we can fall into it because “it’s easy”. How about I make it easy for you to think outside the box with these 5 unexpected color combinations?

Rust + Navy:

This color combination is just begging for a crisp night outside by a bonfire. The deep tones are so rich together. Opposites on the color wheel (elementary art class, anyone?) always make a beautiful color combo like these shades of orange and blue. 

Garnet + Vivid Orange 

Not for the timid but for those who love to make an impact. The bright summery orange gets some extra mileage into the fall and winter with the help of a tried and true autumn tone like this garnet/maroon/crimson (pick your favorite collegiate team). 

Olive Green + Blush Pink 

If you have been around here for awhile then you know I refer to these two color as the new neutrals. At this point, they are not so new but pair perfectly as any other neutrals would. A unique way to go with the neutral only look but keeping it lighter than the usual winter black. 

Paradise Blue + Teal

This now popular fall blue is a fan favorite and the pairing with teal is b-o-l-d! I like that you can look like a land mermaid in these colors. Dream big, ya know! Are you brave enough to try this one?

Marigold + Navy

I am showing navy again but this color pairing is too good to pass. Marigold, as you may know, is very popular this season. I love it when a happy color makes its way into the harsher months. This color is like a literal ray of sunshine that I will definitely need as the days get shorter. The golden yellow looks incredibly classic with navy but also works with these other colors – brown, cream and black.

I hope this sparked a little inspiration as you begin styling your fall wardrobe. So, tell me, which of these color combinations are you most excited to try?